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Family Fridays: "The Art of Symmetry" with David Reimann

Symmetry is all around us — it naturally occurs in the human body and in animals; it’s designed into things like chairs, wallpaper, cars, and buildings; it’s an important feature of soccer balls and Platonic solids; it’s even a basic part of the MoMath logo! Now’s your chance to design your own symmetric art: join Albion College mathematics and computer science professor David Reimann, an artist who uses symmetry in his work, as he describes the different types of symmetry and guides us through an evening of fun mathematical creativity.

Friday, August 17, 2018 6:30 pm   through   8:00 pm
National Museum of Mathematics
11 E 26th St.
New York City, NY 10010
United States
Phone: 212.542.0566