Online registration is closed for this event. If available, tickets on the day of the event may incur an additional charge.

What's so special about April 9 this year? Why, it's a day of perfect squares: 4-9-16! In honor of this special date, MoMath will be hosting A Square Affair on Saturday, April 9. Take a ride on the nation's only Square-Wheeled Tricycle, enjoy the games and activities on Math Square, and explore three different right-angled crafts:

Pairs to Squares
Try your hand at assembling the provided puzzle pieces and stumble upon a surprising relationship between the square numbers and consecutive pairs from another number family.

Borromean Squares
You may have seen Borromean Rings before — a set of three rings intertwined so that no two alone are linked, yet the three together are inseparable. While this configuration is impossible to construct using rigid circular rings, it's possible if we use squares! Make your own Borromean Square set with area ratio 4:9:16.

By following simple arithmetic rules, you can design striking geometric figures. Experiment with different designs, then craft your own star-shaped string figure comprising three interwoven squares.



April 9, 2016 2:00 pm   through   3:30 pm
Event Fee(s)
Materials fee for one craft ($5) plus child admission ($9) $ 14.00
Materials fee for all crafts ($10) plus child admission ($9) $ 19.00
Adult admission for non-crafting parent or guardian (no materials fee) $ 15.00
Members: Materials fee for one craft $ 5.00
Members: Materials fee for all crafts $ 10.00
Members: Non-crafting parent or guardian $ 0.00