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Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Two Sigma: "Pentagonal Pursuit: Solving a Century-Old Tiling Problem" with Lauren Siegel
Friday, January 10, at 6:30 pm

Join MathHappens Foundation Director Lauren Siegel to learn about a remarkable 119-year-old story that has everything — top mathematicians, popular culture, surprise contributors, extreme dedication, tragedy, computer algorithms, and even quilting!  The fifteen pentagons that tessellate, or fill space without gaps or overlaps, will be offered for your enjoyment as wooden tiles ready for exploration and decoration.  You can follow your own observations, intuitions, and creativity or look to some inspiring examples from Marjorie Rice and others to make your own pentagonally pleasing designs.  Thanks to the generous support of Two Sigma, this program is free to attendees.

Tessellation of fish tiles

January 10th, 2020 from  6:30 pm to  8:00 pm
Functions at MoMath
National Museum of Mathematics
225 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
United States
Phone: 212-542-0566