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Math Encounters: "Mind-Bending Paradoxes & the Possibility of Changing Your Mind" with David Kung (4:00 pm)

Great riddles and paradoxes have a long and illustrious history, serving as both tests and games and bringing both frustration and joy for intellectual thinkers across the globe. Choosing to confront these conundrums, we put ourselves in that special moment when we acknowledge that what we previously thought conflicts with some new piece of evidence. Those are the moments — rare and precious — when we might actually change our minds! Topics will range from the philosophical to the statistical, from physics to psychology, all from the perspective of a mathematician. Prepare to have your mind bent — and maybe even changed.

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Light refreshments will be served after the 4:00 pm session and at 6:30 in advance of second session.

Math Encounters is a public presentation series celebrating the spectacular world of mathematics, presented by the Simons Foundation and the National Museum of Mathematics.

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Please note, this presentation is designed to be accessible and engaging to a general audience. As a rule of thumb, it would be best enjoyed by participants ages 12 and up.

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January 3rd, 2018 from  4:00 pm to  5:30 pm