[MoMath] 2014 Mar-Apr Upcoming Events

Dear MoMath friends,

Spring brings a whole host of interesting programs to MoMath.  Don't miss the newly sponsored Time Warner Cable Family Fridays at MoMath series, which is now free to participants, thanks to the generosity of Time Warner Cable.  

MoMath at a Glance  
 Apr 2 Math Encounters: The Mathematics of Networks
Apr 6
Apr 11
 Time Warner Cable Family Fridays: Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards
April 19 Motionscape opening
April 26/27 [Washington, DC] USA Science and Engineering Festival
May 2 Time Warner Cable Family Fridays: The X's and O's of Tic-Tac-Toe
May 4 MoMath Winton Power Series: Computers and Mathematics
 May 7 Math Encounters: Toy Models
May 10 Composite: the Gallery at MoMath — Grand Opening
Tuesdays starting Mar 25 PolyPals toddler program
Tue and Thu starting Apr 8 Expansions for gifted students
Summer 2014 Transformations Summer Camp [Special: discount through Apr 15]


Math EncountersThe Mathematics of Networks: From the Web to Cancer Genomics
Wednesday, April 2, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm
Networks with similar properties emerge in an incredible variety of domains—from technological networks like the web to online social networks and even networks in human biology. Jennifer T. Chayes, Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director of Microsoft Research New England and New York City, will explore the mathematics that unifies many of these networks, and the often surprising conclusions that can be drawn from such mathematics.  For further information and to register, visit mathencounters.org

MathematiComics [ages 8-14 with adult]
Sunday, April 6, 2:00 pm
Come play inside the strange and unexpected world of math in art. Internationally known comics artist Marek Bennett will teach children mathematical patterns and tricks to create original mini-comics. No comics experience necessary—if you can draw a circle, two points, and a line segment, you've got yourself an original character. For further information and to register, visit mathematicomics.momath.org.

Time Warner Cable Family Fridays at MoMath:  Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards [ages 12 and up]
Friday, April 11, 6:30 pm
The National Museum of Mathematics is pleased to announce a new partnership with Time Warner Cable aimed at promoting mathematics in the community. Inaugurating the new monthly Time Warner Cable Family Fridays series, Colm Mulcahy, professor of mathematics at Spelman College in Atlanta, will explore the mathemagical entertainment to be had with a simple deck of cards, drawing from ideas in algebra, discrete mathematics, and probability. Over the past decade, Dr. Mulcahy has been at the forefront of publishing new mathemagical principles and effects for cards; his puzzles and card tricks have been featured in the New York Times, he has blogged for Huffington Post and Scientific American, and he pens the long-running bi-monthly Card Colm for the MAA. Join him for an evening of mathemagical fun, learning material sure to impress mathematics classes and friends alike.  For further information and to register, visit familyfridays.momath.org.

New exhibit opening:  Motionscape comes to MoMath!
Saturday, April 19

Explore the relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration using your own body as a tool.  Watch for a special announcement later in April with more details about MoMath's second new exhibit to debut.  And don't forget to become a MoMath member, to make sure you're on the list for an invitation to the special exhibit sneak preview: visit momath.org/join

USA Science and Engineering Festival
Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 in Washington, DC

Join MoMath at one of the largest STEM gatherings in the country:  the USA Science and Engineering Festival, in Washington DC.  Explore the new and colorful Multi-Morphing Megaplex, and help us build a giant mathematical structure celebrating the fun and creative side of mathematics. Also, don't miss MoMath's engaging panel discussion with Paul DePodesta and Mike Aponte, who used math to gain an edge in baseball and in blackjack. For more information, visit the Multi-Morphing Megaplex and Pack a Punch with Numbers.

Time Warner Cable Family Fridays at MoMath:  The X’s and O’s of Tic-Tac-Toe [ages 9 and up]
Friday, May 2, 6:30 pm
Everyone remembers the game Tic-Tac-Toe, but odds are you don’t play it much anymore.  There’s a good reason for this — most of us learned back in elementary school that the game is bound to end in a draw.  But as the great math puzzle guru Martin Gardner once said, “Many players have the mistaken impression that because they are unbeatable, they have nothing more to learn.”  Join Yale professor Nathan Kaplan as he shows us that there is plenty more to learn about Tic-Tac-Toe.  Together we'll explore interesting strategies and investigate fascinating unsolved problems.  Who knew Tic-Tac-Toe could be this much fun?!  Bring your strategic ‘A-game,’ and you’ll have the chance to become the Family Fridays Tic-Tac-Toe grand champion.  Watch for registration to open later in April at familyfridays.momath.org.

MoMath Winton Power Series: Computers and Mathematics: Problems and Prospects [advanced high school students and up]
Sunday, May 4, 5:30 pm
There is no question that the recent advent of the modern computer has had a dramatic impact on what mathematicians do and on how they do it. However, there is increasing evidence that many apparently simple problems may be forever beyond any conceivable computer attack. Join mathematician Ron Graham as he describes for a mathematically sophisticated audience the roles computers have played, may have played, or will probably never play in solving a variety of mathematical problems. For more information and to register, visit powerseries.momath.org.

Math EncountersToy Models: Extracting Mathematical Surprises from Everyday Life 
Wednesday, May 7, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm
Rediscover the world through the eyes of a child as Tadashi Tokieda shares his “toys,” showing how everyday objects can reveal intriguing behaviors that set physicists and mathematicians thinking for days.   For further information and to register, visit mathencounters.org.

MoMath announces the grand opening of Composite: the Gallery at MoMath
Compounding Visions, the work of Ryan and Trevor Oakes
Saturday, May 10

The National Museum of Mathematics is delighted to be holding the grand opening of Composite: the Gallery at MoMath this May. The inaugural show, Compounding Visions, will feature the work of Ryan and Trevor Oakes. The artists, twin brothers, have built their career upon their mutual fascination with vision, light, space, and depth. The tools they use include a concave metal easel and paper, as well as a head cap which allows them to draw a perfect perspective image on the interior of a sphere.  The show Compounding Visions will explore the artistic and mathematical implications of their work, and the connections between the two. Please spread the word and help MoMath use Composite as a link between the mathematical and non-mathematical worlds.  In the upcoming months, Composite will be home to a stunning series of temporary exhibitions, including a bronze sculptor with a puzzling bent, an artist who plays with light in new and innovative ways, and the latest in electronic and interactive art.  Don't miss the exciting festive opening to the newest gallery in central Manhattan. Attendance will be by advance registration only; look for upcoming invitations to this once-ever event.

PolyPals:  Bring your toddlers and preschoolers to MoMath for afternoon fun!
Tuesday afternoons, starting Mar 25 (Ages 2-4)
PolyPals, MoMath's program for pre-K children, has taken off in 2014.  Meeting every Tuesday for four weeks, PolyPals offers our littlest potential mathematicians the opportunity to listen to math-themed stories and have fun exploring the concepts behind them.  Led by MoMath's skilled educational staff, toddlers and pre-schoolers participate in songs, stories, and activities tied to a different theme each week.  Patterns, shapes, numbers, and more—PolyPals is a great way to enrich your child's day with mathematical inspiration. For further information and to register, visit polypals.momath.org.


Expansions:  MoMath’s new program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students
Tuesday afternoons, starting Apr 8 (HS students)
Thursday afternoons, starting Apr 10 (K-8, separated by level)

January saw the launch of MoMath's after-school gifted program, Expansions, which is now in its third round.  Featuring programs for all mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Expansions workshops are designed and delivered by MoMath's educational team to challenge and inspire students, and broaden their mathematical horizons. With topics ranging from fractals to cellular automata, these afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for participants to learn advanced and fascinating topics not included in the standard K-12 curriculum.  Plus, your child can benefit from enjoying math together with small groups of talented and focused young scholars.

Expansions offers sessions at five levels, which are differentiated by mathematical experience rather than age; entry is by application only. For more information and to apply, visit expansions.momath.org.

Transformations Summer Camp
Register now for sessions starting July 7

**Limited time only: 15% discount on all registrations completed from April 1 through April 15!**

MoMath is gearing up for a great summer with an exciting day camp! Fourth through eighth graders are invited to experience the richness of mathematics at MoMath, where the exhibits will be augmented with hands-on education sessions, and programs in art, music, and dance. For further information and to register, visit transformations.momath.org.


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School group visits for 2014

MoMath has over a dozen great programs for school groups visiting the Museum. From graph coloring to Möbius bands, bring your students to MoMath for a view into the exciting world of mathematics, and see why New York Magazine named MoMath the "Best Kids Museum of 2013." Space is filling fast; visit fieldtrips.momath.org to register for a group visit during the upcoming school year.


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