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The fall fun continues at MoMath… check out the upcoming events below.

Field Trips for 2013-2014
Teachers, don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your classes to one of NYC’s hottest field trip destinations this year. New programs and new exhibits will enhance return visits; newcomers, see why New York Magazine named MoMath the "Best Kids Museum of 2013." Space is filling fast; visit fieldtrips.momath.org to register for a group visit during the current school year.

Holiday shopping at MoMath
Visit Additions, the shop at MoMath, for all your holiday gift-giving needs. Mention this email and receive 10% off any one item throughout November; visit the store on Friday, November 29th, and receive 10% off your entire purchase! (Note: some exclusions apply.)
Special holiday hours:
10:00 am to 7:30 pm on weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) beginning November 1.
10:00 am to 8:00 pm every day, from November 18 through December 29.
Additions will be closing at 6 pm on December 25.

Between the Folds
Sunday, October 6, 6:30 pm

Green Fuse Films’ award-winning documentary, Between the Folds, chronicles the stories of several fine artists, theoretical mathematicians, and intrepid scientists who have abandoned conventional jobs to forge lives as modern-day paperfolders, including MoMath favorites Erik Demaine and Robert Lang. As these offbeat and varied characters converge on the unusual medium of origami, they reinvent an ancient art and illustrate the innumerable ways that creativity and ingenuity come to bear in the age-old effort to understand and honor the world around us. With beautiful cinematography and an original score featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, the film paints an arresting portrait of the mysterious artistic and scientific threads that fuel these remarkable minds, bringing forth a rich mix of sensibilities towards math, art, abstraction, creativity, and meaning.

Director Vanessa Gould and Executive Producer Sally Rosenthal will be present for a Q&A following the screening. The film runs 55 minutes and is suitable for all ages. For more information and to register, visit betweenthefolds.momath.org.

Madison Square Park Fall Kids Fest
Saturday, October 19

MoMath will be at Kids Fest in Madison Square Park on October 19 from 11 until 2 doing some Fabulous Folding. Can you cut out a five pointed star from a piece of paper with just one straight cut? You can at the MoMath table!  Visit us at Kids Fest and be amazed by the variety of shapes that can be created with one snip through a folded sheet of paper. Paper, scissors, and fun will be provided.

Thinking Caps
Friday, October 25, 6:30 pm

An evil mastermind has kidnapped you and your friends, and will subject you to nothing but long division problems unless you're able to beat him at a game of logic and planning.  Come join Dan Zaharopol for an evening of puzzles and teamwork as we study popular mathematical "hat games" that demonstrate deep ideas in mathematics. Dan Zaharopol is Founder and Executive Director of the Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving and CEO of Learning Unlimited.  He is Chair of the Mathematics Foundation of America.  Dan has taught at MIT and the University of Illinois, at Canada/USA Mathcamp, and at Splash programs across the country. For more information and to register, visit thinkingcaps.momath.org.

Celebration of Mind
Saturday, October 26, 10 am to 5 pm

Martin Gardner might be the one person most responsible for sustaining and nurturing interest in recreational mathematics in the U.S. in the 20th century. Best known for his decades-long efforts in popular mathematics and science journalism, particularly through his Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, Martin would have turned 99 this year. Celebration of Mind events are held around the world during the week of Martin’s birthday (October 21), and MoMath is proud to host its own Celebration this year. Visit MoMath on October 26, and enjoy close-up magic tricks performed by an expert magician who knew Gardner personally. You’ll also have a chance to explore favorite Gardner puzzles, and to make your own hexaflexagon to take home. Can you spot the two exhibits that Gardner asked Museum directors to include in MoMath?

Who is Martin Gardner? A Conversation with Friends, Colleagues, and Family
Saturday, October 26, 6:30 pm

A panel of people who knew Martin Gardner well will share their favorite stories about him and reveal just how important his contributions have been to mathematics and to math lovers around the world. Ask questions, talk with the presenters, and share your own memories and stories.
Panel includes:
James Gardner (University of Oklahoma, Martin Gardner’s son)
John Conway (Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University)
Mark Setteducati (President, Gathering 4 Gardner)
Neil Sloane (The OEIS Foundation and Rutgers University)
Colm Mulcahy (Spelman College and Author of Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects)

For more information and to register, visit gardner.momath.org.

Special offer: If you would like to purchase a copy of Undiluted Hocus-Pocus: The Autobiography of Martin Gardner (just published this month) we will reserve a copy and deliver it to you on October 26. The cost is $24.95, which you can add to your registration fee.

The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets
Friday, November 1, 6:30 pm

Simon Singh, author of Fermat's Last Theorem and Big Bang, talks about his latest book, which explores the mathematical themes hidden in The Simpsons. While many are familiar with The Simpsons, few people realize that its team of mathematically gifted writers have used the show to explore everything from calculus to geometry, from pi to game theory, and from infinitesimals to infinity. Singh will also discuss how the writers of Futurama have similarly made it their mission to smuggle deep mathematical ideas into the series. For more information and to register, visit singh.momath.org.

Math Encounters: Encountering Dalí in the Fourth Dimension
Wednesday, November 6, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm

Prominent Spanish painter Salvador Dalí was fascinated by mathematics, and his 1954 painting “Corpus Hypercubicus” features an unfolded four-dimensional hypercube. Where did he find his inspirations and how did he construct his paintings? Join mathematician Tom Banchoff as he describes a series of yearly encounters with Dalí starting in New York City in 1975, featuring polyhedral models, computer animations of surfaces, stereoscopic oil paintings, distorted perspective, and catastrophe theory. Tom will be introduced by Tony Robbin, Soho artist and author of fourfield: Computers, Art, & the 4th Dimension and Shadows of Reality. For further information and to register, visit mathencounters.org.

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Love Light Grooves?
If you love the Light Grooves exhibit featured in MoMath’s front gallery, now you can bring a piece of MoMath right into your home. For information about purchasing one of these unusual specular holograms designed by artist and inventor Matthew Brand, visit lightgrooves.momath.org.

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