Gallery Walk:
Antiprisms: Stories of Transformation

with Uyen Nguyen

(in person)

Take a personal tour of the Antiprisms origami fashion show with artist Uyen Nguyen and get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the exhibition.  Nguyen will talk about their thought process and inspiration in designing some of the works and will be available for Q&A throughout the gallery walk-through.  Free with Museum admission.

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Saturday, February 24 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Register
Sunday, February 25 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm Register


About Antiprisms: Stories of Transformation

Antiprisms: Stories of Transformation is an investigation and celebration of queer identity at the intersection of math, origami, and fashion.  Each individual piece follows artist Uyen Nguyen’s mission to find authenticity and community, exploring how mathematical concepts parallel this journey.

Antiprisms were the first shape that ever inspired Uyen Nguyen to do mathematical calculations as an essential part of their art.  This shape, with its simplicity, its accessibility, and its flat-foldability, was a catalyst for exploring design.  The shape itself has come to represent the mission of this exhibition, exploring how queerness pushes boundaries and goes beyond the expectations of our society, existing outside our initial calculations.  Antiprisms: Stories of Transformation is an exhibition that expands on this idea, taking narratives from Nguyen’s own life and experience coming into the queer community and visually exploring them through mathematics, origami, and fashion.  Nguyen includes members of their community with some element of shared identity within these narratives, illuminating how their individual stories create a collective whole, a tapestry of shared joy and strife.  Each piece begs questions about the systems that try to define us into clean, hegemonic categories and what happens when you exist beyond that binary.

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