Solve for XX

A Program for Teen and Tween Girls Who Like Math

Featured Mathematicians

Jennifer Beineke
Professor of Mathematics
Western New England University
Sandy Kurtzig
Maria Chudnovsky
Professor of Mathematics
Princeton University
Melanie Matchett Wood
Professor of Mathematics
Harvard University
Minerva Cordero
Senior Associate Dean of Science
Professor of Mathematics
University of Texas at Arlington
Neha Murad
Computational Biologist
Calico Life Sciences
San Francisco, CA
Ingrid Daubechies
James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of
Mathematics and Electrical
and Computer Engineering
Department of Mathematics
Duke University
Madalina Persu
Quantitative Researcher
Two Sigma
Lisa Fauci
Pendergraft Nola Lee Haynes Professor of
Tulane University
President, Society for Industrial and
Applied Mathematics
Jill Pipher
Vice President for Research
Elisha Benjamin Andrews Professor
of Mathematics
Brown University
President, American Mathematical
Leona A. Harris
Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of the District of Columbia
Maddie Weinstein
PhD Candidate, AAAS IF/THEN
University of California at Berkeley
Julia Kempe
Professor of Computer Science,
Mathematics, and Data Science
Director, Center for Data Science
New York University
Talithia Williams
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College
Bryna Kra
Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor of
Northwestern University