Sums ’n Stories

MoMath’s summer math reading club for grades 1–6
Hosted by Tanya Chartier

June 14, July 13, and August 17
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

(in person / drop-off optional)

Reading and math are both fun and fundamental!  This summer, students are encouraged to continue developing their love of both with MoMath’s new summer math reading club, Sums ’n Stories.  Led by reading specialist Tanya Chartier, children in grades one through six are invited to join this fun new group.  Select from a curated list of math-related books or choose your own, then join us monthly on the Math Square at MoMath, where we will make new friends, share our favorite readings, and enjoy one of the Museum’s most popular exhibits.  Sign up for single events or register for all three, but don’t miss this fabulous new opportunity.

And what is a summer reading club without a pizza party?  Participants may choose to purchase pizza in advance when registering, or they may bring their own refreshments.

Or register for individual sessions:

Selection of books for the series

Activity books

Chapter books

Picture books

Short stories


This is a drop-off program with the option for adult chaperones to attend with their child.  Any adult who chooses to attend with their child must also be registered. If a child is dropped off, contact information for the adult chaperone must be on file should they need to be contacted.  Adult chaperones may choose to wait in the lobby or in Additions, the shop at MoMath.

All participants are expected to exhibit good behavior to ensure a positive experience for everyone.  At its sole discretion, MoMath may remove a child from the program for behavioral reasons.  If a child is removed for behavioral reasons, for either the session or the remainder of the series, no refund will be issued.

Note that participants may enjoy refreshments during this session.  Participants may bring their own refreshments or order pizza through MoMath.  Participants who choose to order pizza through MoMath must register and purchase their pizza options before noon (12:00 pm ET) one day prior to their first registered session.  Water will be provided for participants who add on the pizza option.  MoMath does not restrict for nuts or other allergens.

All children must be picked up promptly at 7:00 pm.  Children will not be permitted to self-dismiss.