2023 MoMath Mini-Masters

How to Play

Tournament Check-In

MoMath strongly advises that you complete the check-in process well in advance of the competition round so that you may have sufficient time to address any issues.  To check in, follow the steps below.

1.  Confirm your registered email address with the tournament portal:

Tournament URL: https://minitournament.momath.org

IMPORTANT: You must include the “https://” for the URL to work.  The server will not respond if you use “http://” without the “s”.

Your “registered email address” is the email address you used to purchase your Mini-Masters event ticket with MoMath.  If you are unsure about your registered email address, check your registration confirmation receipt or email mastershelp@momath.org.

2.  Make sure you save your unique weblink to the tournament server.

After submitting your registered email address, look for an email with your unique access link to the tournament platform — do not share this link with others. 

If you will be using a different device during the competition, you will need the link you received via email to return to the competition platform when the live event starts on January 28 at 2:00 pm ET.

If you will be using the same device during the competition (and you allow cookies to be saved), you may simply return to the tournament server with the URL noted above.

3.  Choose your leaderboard nickname.

Choose a “handle” that will be used to display your progress on the leaderboard.  From the home screen, tap “Edit My Profile” to input your desired handle.

4.  Don’t lose those cookies!  

Once you have checked in, you will stay logged in to the tournament portal, provided you are not in incognito mode and do not clear your cookies.  If you are in incognito mode or clear your cookies (or don’t accept cookies at all), you will need to repeat the check-in process again when you revisit the tournament portal, which may delay you at the start of the tournament.  We will not be able to extend the tournament round for individuals for any reason.

If you have trouble checking in, please call 212-542-0566 or email mastershelp@momath.org.


The 2023 MoMath Mini-Masters live event, scheduled for on Saturday, January 28, at 2:00 pm ET, will kick off on Zoom with opening remarks and a tournament overview.  

Use this Zoom link to join the 2023 MoMath Mini-Masters: momath.org/zoom/gardnerisgreat.

After opening remarks, the tournament director will signal the start of the competition round.  Please listen carefully to the instructions from the Finals Round tournament director.

You will have up to 45 minutes to answer questions, starting from the moment you choose to view your first question.  The tournament round will close at the time stated by the tournament director, regardless of how much time is remaining on your time clock.  We advise that you start answering competition questions right away when the tournament director starts the round.

While the MoMath Masters tournament does allow you to purchase additional time, the Mini-Masters does not allow participants to purchase additional time.  Each player will be given exactly 45 minutes to solve as many problems as possible.

At the end of the competition round, all participants should return to the Zoom to hear the announcement of winners.

In the unlikely event that there is a tie between top scorers, these participants will be asked to remain in the live event to compete in a tiebreaker round (spectators welcomed!).  With the addition of a tiebreaker round, the event may extend beyond 3:30 pm ET. 

To compete for the prize, we ask that you do not leave the event early in case your name is called, and please allow yourself time to participate in the tiebreaker round if such is needed.  To learn more about the Tiebreaker Round, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to review the section labeled “Tiebreaker Round.”

During the game

Once the tournament begins, you may start viewing the tournament questions and submitting answers.  From the home screen, tap “Competition.”  From there, you can choose a category — Math Pulse (trivia), Gardner Greats (logic puzzles), or Math Classics (contest math) — and a difficulty level.

You will have no more than 45 minutes to complete the competition round.  Please pay careful attention to the tournament director for instructions on when the round will end.  At this announced time, the competition round will close, regardless of how much time you have remaining on your individual competition clock.


If you get a question right, you win points.  If you get it wrong, points are deducted from your total.  If you answer a question — incorrectly or correctly — you are locked out of that question and your score is adjusted.

Questions are weighted based on difficulty; points are allocated based on level. More points are given for more difficult questions:

Level Correct Incorrect
Easy +100 points -25 points
Medium +300 points -75 points
Difficult +1,000 points -250 points
Elite +2,500 points -625 points

Note that your cumulative point total can drop below zero.


There are three different categories of questions: Math Pulse (trivia), Gardner Greats (logic puzzles), and Math Classics (contest math).  You may choose to focus on a single category or to answer questions from any mix of categories.  Points from all categories will be added together to generate the final score, which is the primary component used to determine which participants will be invited to compete in the Finals Round.  There are also prizes for the top scorer in each category.  Not all categories have questions at the highest (elite) point level.


You are welcome to collaborate with whomever you like, but we ask that you refrain from using internet search engines or other non-human research sources.  However, if you do work with someone else on a question, we require that only one of you enter the answer into your tournament portal.

Important information for past participants

The tournament portal for the MoMath Mini-Masters evolved from the MoMath Masters tournament portal.  If you participated in the MoMath Masters in prior years, please be aware of the following changes that were implemented when the event became online-only:

  • Once you start the competition, your 45-minute timer starts and cannot be paused.
  • You can revisit a question if you have not yet submitted an answer to that question.  You cannot revisit questions that you have already answered.
  • It is possible to have a negative cumulative score.
  • You will need to use the same email address for the tournament portal as the one used to purchase the MoMath event ticket.  Check your email receipt or email mastershelp@momath.org if you are unsure about your registered email address.

Tiebreaker round

In the tiebreaker round, competitors will be given a Math Classic problem to solve.  How much time you take to answer the problem will matter.  “Sudden death” tiebreaker rounds will be determined by the submission of the first correct answer.

The tournament director will instruct competitors on how to submit their answers into the Zoom chat so that it is received only by the tournament director.  All other submissions will be considered invalid.

We ask that competitors participating in the tiebreaker round keep their Zoom video on. 


Contact MoMath for assistance: call 212-542-0566 or email mastershelp@momath.org.