Marvelous Möbius

Friday, August 11 at 4:30 pm

(in person)

Drawing on the work of paper sculptor Richard Sweeney, paper engineer Paul Jackson, and computational origamist Jun Mitani, we invite you to join us for a marvelous afternoon playing with the Möbius Strip.  Our investigation of curved surfaces, edges, and patterning involves delightful math-making, ever reminding us that curves have an appeal that straight lines cannot conjure.  Melissa Silk and Lisa Giles from STEAMpop in Sydney, Australia return to MoMath to provide a playful adornment experience that asks the question: is it a hat, a collar, sleeve, or sculpture?  For the answer, you’ll just have to come and find out!

Appropriate for makers of all genders, and for adults and children ages ten and up.  Children younger than ten years of age must register with an adult who will assist the child on a single project together.