Aperiodic Monotiles: New Shapes Just Dropped!

featuring Craig Kaplan

Monday, October 2 at 6:30 pm

(in person)

A longstanding unsolved problem in geometry asks whether it is possible for a single shape to be “aperiodic” — that is, to tile the plane, but without ever repeating in a regular pattern.  Earlier this year, an unlikely team tackled this problem and introduced the Hat, the world’s first aperiodic monotile.

Join one of the team members, Craig Kaplan, a computer scientist from the University of Waterloo, to hear the surprising story of this groundbreaking discovery and to learn about some of the mathematical and computational ideas behind it.  Craig will also share how this initial discovery quickly led to consideration of an entire family of closely related shapes, including the Turtle, the Spectre, and more, igniting a delightful and creative exploration by mathematicians and artists around the world.