MoMath and Nikoli present two puzzling events:

“Nikoli’s Hand-Crafted Puzzle Workshop”

Tuesday, January 19
6:30 pm ET (New York)

Join MoMath and Nikoli, the company The New York Times calls “Japan’s Puzzle Palace,” for an evening workshop featuring a series of custom-designed puzzles.  With a focus on symmetrical beauty and careful curation, Nikoli has developed more than 250 types of logic puzzles and helped turn its trademarked Sudoku puzzles into a worldwide craze.  Unlike most puzzles on the market, the puzzles in this session are not computer generated or mass produced; rather, 40 years of puzzle-making experience inform and enrich these beautiful, hand-crafted puzzles.  Led by puzzle master Yoshi Anpuku, we will take a tour of eight of Nikoli’s most popular puzzles: Sudoku, Kakuro, Shikaku, Slitherlink, Numberlink, Masyu, Nurikabe, and Hashi wo Kakero.  Come back on January 20 to test your newly developed skills in a friendly competition; prizes will be awarded.

“Nikoli Puzzle Challenge Contest”

Wednesday, January 20
6:30 pm ET (New York)

Join MoMath for an evening of puzzles and challenges featuring eight hand-crafted puzzles brought to us by Nikoli.  Yoshi Anpuku will lead a number of exciting competitions, with prizes awarded for top performers in each of the popular puzzle categories introduced during the January 19 event: Sudoku, Kakuro, Shikaku, Slitherlink, Numberlink, Masyu, Nurikabe, and Hashi wo Kakero.  Entrants need not have attended the January 19 event to participate.  Will you be a 2021 MoMath-Nikoli champion?  Join us to find out!

Prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants in each game category: each will receive a puzzle packet worth $15.

Get your own copy of Nikoli’s book Japanese Number Puzzles from Additions, the shop at MoMath.

Presentations will be in Japanese and English.

Participants who register for both events will receive a 15% off coupon code at


These are live-streamed events.  Occasional video recordings are made available for a fee at