Disinformation and the 2020 Election

Thursday, March 11 at 6:30 pm ET (New York)

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Join Camille François, Chief Innovation Officer at Graphika, for a fireside chat about contemporary disinformation campaigns, the science behind their detection, and a future in which both adversarial campaigns and strategies to defend against them become more sophisticated.  Ms. François has tracked online disinformation for several years, defining the complexity of the issue and working with tech and government to create long-lasting solutions.  From speaking with Russian troll-farm defectors and incarcerated trolls in South America charged with rigging elections, to briefing the U.S. Senate and working hand in hand with the heads of cybersecurity at Google, Facebook, and Twitter on the threat of disinformation, Camille has seen the evolution of the threat of disinformation and is on the bleeding edge of defense.  She will recap the state of yesterday’s bots, talk about today’s trolls, and forecast the future of AI-augmented disinformation techniques.

Camille François is the Chief Innovation Officer at Graphika, a cybersecurity company focused on information integrity issues.  Camille was previously the Principal Researcher at Jigsaw, a division of Google that builds technology to address global security challenges.  There, she led several programs focused on protecting vulnerable users from online threats.  She has advised governments and parliamentary committees on both sides of the Atlantic on cybersecurity and digital rights, was recognized by the MIT Tech Review in its annual list of “35 Innovators Under 35,” and was named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Next” global leaders for her work on information operations.