Answers to the Pi Day Puzzles


Pizza Question:  “What is the volume of pizza?”  Answer: Pi zz a

Cake Question:
“This perfect little circular cylinder is a pi cake: it contains exactly pi cubic inches of cake.  What is the value of x?”  Answer:  x=1


Coffee Question: “What does the following sentence have to do with pi?  May I have a large container of coffee?”  Answer: In this sentence, the number of letters in each word corresponds to the first seven digits of pi.


Additional Pi Day Puzzles

Question 1: Pizza and a soda together cost $11, and pizza costs $10 more than soda.   How much does pizza cost?  Answer: $10.50

Question 2: If you cut a pizza three times through the middle, you get 6 pieces; not through the middle, and you can get 7 (albeit not the usual shapes).  How many pieces can you get with 10 straight cuts, not necessarily though the middle?  Answer: 56

Question 3: A baker’s dozen (13) of pies sit on the shelf.  If you take any one pie away, the rest can be split into two groups of 6 that balance on the scale.  Must all the pies be the same weight?  (You may assume each pie weighs an integer number of grams.)  Answer: Yes.