The Six Series: A Celebration of MoMath’s Sixth Birthday 

Join Fields Medalist and Distinguished Visiting Professor Manjul Bhargava for the final event in this exciting series. 

Friday, May 24, 6:00 pm



“Cube Conundrums” featuring MIT Professor Erik Demaine
Friday, May 24, 6:00 pm
What has six sides and eight corners?  A cube!  You can construct a cube from a flat piece of paper by starting, for example, from a cross shape.  But there are other, more unusual shapes, that can also fold into a cube.  Join MIT Professor Erik Demaine as he presents some of the more unusual shapes that also fold into a cube, a number of which are devilishly difficult puzzles.  Come solve these cube conundrums with us on May 24, in honor of 2 + 4 = 6, in this last edition of The Six Series celebrating MoMath’s sixth birthday. 

Friday, May 24



If available, tickets at the door for this event will incur an additional charge.  Absolutely no refunds or exchanges.  All sales are final.