Solid Math
The art of shape, form, and structure

Through July 9
(Free with Museum admission)

Solid Math is a temporary exhibition in Composite, the gallery at MoMath, featuring sculptures based on the geometry of Platonic, Archimedean, and Catalan polyhedra.  The inherently precise nature and elegant symmetries of these mathematical forms have made them subjects of fascination for mathematicians over the centuries.

A work of art is very often a balance between constraint and freedom, an exploration of expressive possibilities within a finite set of compositional rules.  This exhibition features the work of mathematically-inclined artists — Rinus Roelofs, Bathsheba Grossman, Carlo H. Séquin, Henry Segerman, Phil Webster, and Hans Schepker — who have created works based on the geometry of regular polyhedra.  These mathematical forms provide the formal constraints as well as the rhythmic underpinnings for the artists’ pieces presented in this show.

Come see the art, create shapes inside a polyhedral kaleidoscope, and build your own polyhedra at the construction station.

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