2018-2019 Professional Development at MoMath


Artful Math

Thursday, June 6, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm 

Connect the dots between math and art!  Spend the day gaining new perspectives as you enjoy the creative side of math, then turn things around and explore the analytical side of art.  Plus, experience engaging, hands-on activities at the intersection of math and art that you can take back to school to share with your students.

The event is broken into 3 themes.  The first is about constructible numbers and origami, for which participants will attempt some straightedge and compass constructions, and paper folding challenges, then will learn about the underlying algebra.  The second is about planar tilings, patterns, and symmetry, for which we’ll do some hands-on activities with printed tilings, then learn about connections to group theory and topology.  The third is about higher math as conceptual art.  For that, we’ll look at some challenging historical art pieces and famous math problems through a similar lens, then play some games about precision of language, and visualizing higher-dimensional space.

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Advance tickets are $175; day-of tickets will be $199, if available.

Note: All sales final — no refunds, makeups, exchanges, or transfers.


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