How to Fold a Hexa-tetraflexagon

1. Take out our flexagon.

2. First, use scissors to cut around the outside of the 8” x 8” large square.

3. Next, fold the large 8” x 8” large square in half. This will make it easier to cut out the middle 4” x 4” square.

4. Using your scissors, cut along the left side of the white middle square up to the corner.

5. Do the same along the right side.

6. Then, cut along the top of the white middle square between the two previous cuts. The 4” x 4” middle square will now be removed.

7. Take a moment to fold the flexagon along all lines in both directions to ensure ease of movement in the final flexagon.

8. Now it is time to fold the flexagon. Make sure you have the correct side facing up before you fold. There will be a blue arc of text with the words “This side face up to fold. This is top left corner.” Make sure that square is in the top left corner.

9. When the flexagon is positioned correctly, you will make three folds: first the left column, then the top row, then the right column.

10. The bottom fold will be different.
11. Before making the final fold, take a moment to locate the two star images (one will be on the bottom left panel, and one will be on the reverse side).

12. In order to get these images to end up face-to-face, you will first hold the bottom left flap open.

13. As you use your right hand to fold the bottom right squares upward, hold the bottom left corner with your left hand, and guide that corner upward and toward the left edge, forcing the bottom left panels to become “inside out”.

14. Continue to guide that left seam around so it tucks flat along the left edge of the flexagon.

15. You will know the fold is correct when the small star images end up facing each other, with one on the top and one on the bottom.

16. Once you have the first complete image, you can see a new image by folding opposing sides backward on the vertical crease, then reopening by pulling apart at the fold.

17. To see a third image, fold top and bottom back on the horizontal crease, and reopen by pulling apart at the fold.

18. To see all six images, start with the image containing the skinny loops, and hold it so that the is in the top left corner. Then fold in the following pattern: vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal, horizontal, vertical. If you follow the pattern of folds correctly, you will find six different images hidden inside of the flexagon!