What people are saying about MoMath

“I think the museum is a fantastic achievement by you and all involved and truly world class.”
       — Kevin Bowman

“I also wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for such a lovely visit on Tuesday.  Please count me among the many who entered MoMath as “not a fan of math,” but left extremely captivated.  What a site you have; in fact, I’ve already recommended a visit to several friends.”
       — Anonymous

“Your programs have been instrumental to our children during the pandemic.  You were quick to adapt which made it easier for us to enjoy your programming from out-of-state.  I especially enjoyed the diverse speakers you presented for the diverse students to see themselves as career professionals and showing them that math is cool.  Please continue the wonderful job you are doing during these difficult times.  We see you and appreciate all your efforts along with the MoMath team.  Thank you!”
       — Sharon Legesse

“We love that you exist!  Also, our family really appreciates all of the great programming you have been providing throughout the pandemic.  We live in CA, so we especially love having access to all of the online offerings!!”
       — Rachel Rosner

“I am truly enjoying the benefits of my membership even though I’m far away in Pennsylvania.”
       — Julia Dweck

“This [Folding Fridays] is really what I look forward to every Friday, it’s the reason I wake up in the morning (besides the fact that I have school).”
       — Mary Capozzi

“I loved the photo of the ‘open-mouthed’ excitement, and I have seen it myself on every visit to MoMath.  It’s really a singularly wonderful place and you and the team should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.”
       — Anonymous

“Great place for math enthusiasts of any age!  Fun activities for children, and their math concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand way.  Staff is amazing, not only with children but baffled undergrads as well.  Would enjoy visiting again!”
       — Alberto Nishikawa

“My family and I visited MoMath last weekend for the first time and very much enjoyed your museum.  While there are several good museums on science, particularly astronomy and biology, it was very cool to visit a whole museum just about math.  Also, contrary to what I would have expected of a math museum, it was the most interactive museum I have visited.”
       — Vikram

“The question is why I like MoMath… [W]hat draws me to that wondrous place is the excitement it makes me feel when I go there, the fun hours I have spent at MoMath, the amazing activities.  I do not go for my parents, or for the gift shop, but because I think MoMath is fun. Whenever my family is in New York, we beg my mother to pleeeeeease take us to MoMath…  The appeal of MoMath is like that of a real life Neverland; a fantasy for all to frolic.  However, unlike in Peter Pan, you learn so much about geometric figures, mathematical puzzles, and many more things.  MoMath could make even the most reluctant child love math.  I hope someday there is a MoMath in every city, every country, in the world.”
       — Sofia, age 11

“This was the first time that our students had the opportunity to better understand math … I believe all students should be able to experience your incredible museum.”
       — Evelyn Carlin

“At one point my math-shy 9 year old said, ‘math is fun!’ and I got it on tape!
       — Heather Beaupre Lindberg

“I just wanted to thank you for coming to the West Cost.  We are such big fans of the MoMath museum, and it was so nice to see you and the MoMath exhibits!… We … miss all those incredible lectures (Math Encounters) and Family Fridays.  The MoMath is an amazing museum!  Please keep in touch.  And if we come to New York, we will definitely come to visit our favorite museum.”
       — Yuliana

“Just by seeing a museum dedicated to math sparked my son’s interest.  Love it!  MoMath is worth a few visit!”
       — Joanne George

“There was something for everyone to get into.  From the toddlers to adults, not one person looked bored.”
       — Leiselle Mayfield

“Wonderful interactive experience with the little 8 year old girl I nanny for.  Cant wait to bring my own grandchildren….  Just a fun place to enjoy!!!”
       — Charlotte Joan Bernstein

“I visited MoMath with my family last year and we loved it!  I was excited to see how complex mathematical phenomena are made accessible to the general public, and happy to see my profession glorified.”
       — Claus Sorensen

“The students had an amazing time learning about math concepts… [T]hey explored the museum and learned so much about a variety of math topics from the amazing hands on exhibits.  The experience truly was one of a kind.  There is no other place where math seems to come alive for kids.  Being a public school teacher in an inner city school I have many students who do not have opportunities to attend cultural experiences outside of the classroom, which made this trip even more special.”
       — Keri Galitsis

“My class had the best time last year.  [T]hey were a little hesitant when they heard “Math” museum.  I teach a self contained class and all the students are below grade level in math.  It’s not that they cannot achieve success it just takes more time and effort to get there.  Well, they were pleasantly surprised to see hands-on math at the museum.  It wasn’t hard, it wasn’t boring!  It opened their eyes.  Your free trip provided my kids with a great learning experience which they talked about the whole year.”
       — Ms. Traiman

“I wanted to share with you what one of my students said to me as we were just getting settled at our table.  Jan looked up at me and under his breathe he said “… we don’t belong here!” I responded “why are you saying that” and he said “look at all these private school kids”.  I know initially he felt very intimidated but as the competition started and he realized he could compete he seemed to gain some confidence. So in the end we too were winners!  What a great day for my kids!  Thanks again”
       — Anonymous, about the MoMath middle school math competition

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