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Board of Trustees

  • Acting Chair
    John Overdeck
    Co-Chairman, Two Sigma Investments
  • Acting Vice Chair
    David Turock
    Chairman, Northern Lights Aviation
  • Secretary
    Saul Rosenthal
    President, Oxford Funds, LLC.
  • Treasurer
    Stephen Della Pietra
    Partner, Renaissance Technologies
  • Duane Adams
    Vice Provost for Research Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Kevin Atteson
    Atteson Research
  • Peter Carr
    Dept. Chair, NYU Finance and Risk Engineering
  • David H. de Weese
    Partner, Paul Capital
  • Robert J. Frey
    Harbor Financial Management
  • Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux
    CEO, Garriott Enterprises
  • Judith Gibbons
  • Matthew Goldstein
    Chancellor Emeritus, CUNY
  • Carole G. Hankin
    Superintendent of Schools (retired), Syosset, New York
  • Mark D. Harris
    Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Robert W. Jones
    Co-Founder, Antares Technologies
  • Sandy Leong
    Sandy Leong Jewelry
  • Richard Pechter
  • Arthur P. Steinmetz
    Chairman, CEO, and President, OppenheimerFunds
  • Jade Vinson
    Founder, Talking Leaves
  • Stephen Wolfram
    Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research