Composite is MoMath’s exciting temporary exhibition gallery. The gallery serves as the home to a diverse collection of shows and installations that highlight the breadth of human pursuits that mathematics can illuminate. Visiting Composite is free with admission to the Museum.

The National Museum of Mathematics is delighted to present the world premiere of Luminaries: the optical imagery of Matthew Brand.


Evoking figures from ancient Egypt to the medieval Silk Road to modern casinos, light artist Matt Brand has captured some of history’s most intriguing thinkers.  The Composite gallery at the National Museum of Mathematics currently features the world’s first large-scale show of lumography — smooth, water-clear lenses whose undulating surfaces rearrange light beams into ghostly morphing pictures.  Many years in development, Brand’s marriage of sand castle mathematics and swimming pool optics premiered on December 6 and is expected to run through March, 2015.



Do you have a great idea for a mathematical art show?  Send it to MoMath!  MoMath is seeking proposals for future shows in the Composite gallery. Applications are open here: