July 16, 2012

The NYS Board of Regents approved a change in our name to National Museum of Mathematics, evidencing our wide reach across the country with innovative programs and exhibits.

June 29, 2012

Watch Museum of Mathematics Executive Director Glen Whitney give the UCLA Math 2012 Commencement Address (Video).

June 5. 2012

It’s official! The Museum of Mathematics will be opening on Saturday, December 15, at 11 East 26th Street in New York City!

May 25, 2012

Read about Glen Whitney and the new Museum of Mathematics in Smithsonian magazine.

May 23, 2012

The 2012 Middle School Math Championship Tournament was a great success! Congratulations to our top team winners!

1st Place – Trinity School
2nd Place – New Hyde Park Memorial Jr./Sr. High School
3rd Place – NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies

May 21, 2012

MoMath is featured on the Mathematical Association of America’s Found Math photo gallery.

April 11, 2012

Multi-Morphing Megaplex! MoMath is at the Liberty Science Center today bringing a set of construction nodes and struts for visitors to build large-scale structures. These are prototype laser-cut wood parts which can be assembled to make giant pyramids, towering columns, and arches large enough to walk through.

March 14, 2012


New York, NY, March 14, 2012 – The Museum of Mathematics (momath.org) held its inaugural fundraiser, the first-ever MoMath Masters Tournament, on February 28th at Tribeca Rooftop. As the only adult math tournament in existence, the Masters brought together many of New York’s top mathematical minds, as well as those curious about America’s only Museum of Mathematics. More than 200 people participated in the cocktail round portion of the tournament, solving math puzzles and challenges asked via tablet computers handed out by MoMath. All attendees also had the chance to browse various exhibits slated to appear in the Museum, allowing a first glimpse into what MoMath plans to offer. The twenty-one top scorers then advanced to the finals round, where they competed against each other to determine the grand prize winners. Problems for the tournament were provided by the Art of Problem Solving and drawn from various sources including MOEMS, Math Counts, the AMC competitions, the AIME competition, and the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.

The grand prize winners of the MoMath Masters Tournament were:

· First place: John Overdeck of Two Sigma Investments, LLC
· Second place: Alvaro Begue of Renaissance Technologies
· Third Place: Julia Kemp of Renaissance Technologies

In addition, the winners in each of the three question categories were:

· Classics (contest math problems): Daniel Stronger of Morgan Stanley
· Gardner Greats (puzzles by Martin Gardner): Asher Walkover of Two Sigma Investments, LLC
· Math Pulse (trivia questions): Michael Weinberg of Citadel