Pythagorize Seattle

— 8/15/17 —

Join the National Museum of Mathematics as we return to Seattle to celebrate another Pythagoras Day — the last until 2024! This year’s event will unfold in multiple stages, featuring a series of game-based events and a city-wide puzzle hunt designed to engage individuals, groups, and families alike. Help us show the world that New York isn’t the only place where math can be the bedrock of an amazing mathematical celebration. What better place than Seattle to demonstrate the awesome power and sheer coolness of mathematics?

What is Pythagorize Seattle?
On Pythagoras Day 2015 (08/17/15), MoMath brought an all-new MathHappening to the city of Seattle. This collaboration celebrated Seattle’s historic Triangle Pub, measuring 8 meters x 15 meters x 17 meters — a Pythagorean triple that just happened to correspond with the date. Hundreds of Seattle-based math lovers flocked to Lake Union Park on 8/17/15 to become part of a large-scale human illustration of the Pythagorean theorem. This first occurrence of Pythagorize Seattle was the largest mathematics demonstration Seattle had ever seen.

In August 2017 (08/15/17), MoMath returns to host another wildly popular public celebration of math, the Pythagorean theorem, and Seattle.

More information will be coming soon. Click here to download the flyer.