Pythagorize Seattle

On Pythagoras Day 2015, MoMath and the Pacific Science Center brought an all-new MathHappening to the city of Seattle!  This collaboration took place in honor of Seattle’s historic Triangle Pub.  The Triangle Pub was selected from triangular buildings around the country because its dimensions measure 8 meters x 15 meters x 17 meters — a Pythagorean triple that just happened to correspond with the date.

Hundreds of Seattle-based math lovers flocked to Lake Union Park on 8/17/15 to become part of the nation’s largest-ever human illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem.  Enjoy the pictures below, and check out the lyrics of Pythagorize With Me, which was sung to celebrate this collective achievement, at

Thank you to everyone who helped make Pythagorize Seattle the biggest mathematics demonstration Seattle has ever seen!


Before Pythagorize Seattle, there was the NYC 2013 Pythagorize the Flatiron celebration, in which New Yorkers lit up the night in a stunning illuminated demonstration of the famous theorem.  To learn more about that event, click here.

Maybe your city will be be next!