Become a MoMath intern and share your love of math with others!

High School Internships:
MoMath accepts a limited number of high school students for internships from September through June. This is a unique chance to improve your interpersonal and communication skills, explore mathematical concepts, and learn valuable job skills. MoMath interns interact with visitors on the Museum floor and train with professional educators, interpreters, and managers. These internships require a commitment of approximately one day per week, typically a Saturday or Sunday. Please note that internships are unpaid. MoMath is currently accepting applications for internships that will begin in the fall of 2017. Details on the program are available here and the application form is here.


Here’s what previous interns have said about their experience:

“The MoMath internship was a great mix of math exploration and work experience. It was fun to participate in the frequent math training sessions, where we discussed some aspect of an exhibit in-depth, and then share my new appreciation of the exhibit with visitors later in the week. Aside from the useful experience in a variety of settings, the internship helped me learn to explain complicated topics more clearly, as well as understand them better myself.”

“I fostered great relationships with the staff members. Some of them I still see today, three years later!”

“I enjoyed [my internship at] MoMath, especially working in the offices, where I witnessed the inner-workings of the museum and helped on a diverse set of projects.”

“It was great to work in a place where mathematics was more than just numbers.”

“It was great to look at math from so many different perspectives!”

“Interning at MoMath is a great chance to learn how to interact with people, take this opportunity. Also, listen a lot, the people at MoMath are great!”