[MoMath] 2014 Jun-Jul Upcoming Events

Dear MoMath friends,

Step into summer at MoMath.  From the stunning Compounding Visions show in MoMath's new Composite gallery, to a talk featuring a live 3D printing demo, to chocolate(!) for adults and for families, there's something for everyone at MoMath.  And if the school year kept you too busy to stop in, it's time check out Motionscape, Rhythms of Life, and Edge FX, three exhibits you may not have seen before.

MoMath at a Glance  
Jun 1 Robot demos at the World Science Festival (Kimmel Center), courtesy of the Siegel Family Endowment
Jun 4 Math Encounters: "Change of Perspective," with Michael Orrison
June 11 A Taste of Math:  the math of wine, cheese, and chocolate
June 13 Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: “How Not to Be Wrong”
June 17 Composite Chat: Math meets art in this intimate conversation with John Conway and the Oakes Twins
June 18 Unbounded: An evening at MoMath (adults only)
Through June 30 Teachers:  Save 50% on a field trip to MoMath!  See below for details.
July 2 Math Encounters: "Making Mathematics Real," with Laura Taalman
July 11 Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable: "Curb Summer Learning Loss with Chocolate" 
July 7 – August 29 Transformations summer camp:  it's not too late to register!  Tuition assistance available now.
July 15 Summer swarm! Robot demo with James McLurkin, courtesy of the Siegel Family Endowment
Through July 21 Composite: the Gallery at MoMath presents "Compounding Visions"
Every Tuesday PolyPals toddler program
Tuesdays/Thursdays Expansions for gifted students


Half-price school group visits for September 2014

Complete your booking by June 30 for a trip in September and save 50%!

MoMath has over a dozen great programs for school groups visiting the Museum. From graph coloring to Möbius bands, bring your students to MoMath for a view into the exciting world of mathematics, and see why New York Magazine named MoMath the "Best Kids Museum of 2013." Space is filling fast; visit fieldtrips.momath.org to register for a group visit during the upcoming school year.

Don't miss the opening show of Composite: the Gallery at MoMath
Compounding Visions, the work of Ryan and Trevor Oakes
Through July 21 

The National Museum of Mathematics is delighted to host the inaugural show of Composite: the Gallery at MoMath, through July 21. The show, Compounding Visions, features the work of artists and master draftsmen Ryan and Trevor Oakes. The artists, twin brothers, have built their career upon their mutual fascination with vision, light, space, and depth. The tools they use include a concave metal easel and paper, as well as a head cap which allows them to draw a perfect perspective image on the interior of a sphere. Compounding Visions explores the artistic and mathematical implications of their work, and the connections between the two. Admission is free with Museum admission. Please spread the word and help MoMath use Composite as a link between the worlds of math and art. In the upcoming months, Composite will be home to a stunning series of temporary exhibitions, including a bronze sculptor with a puzzling bent, an artist who plays with light in new and innovative ways, and the latest in electronic and interactive art. Don't miss the exciting opening show to the newest gallery in central Manhattan. Read more: The Huffington Post, Identical Twins Combine Art and Math in Hypnotic Exhibition (May 29).

Swarm Math
Sunday, June 1, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
4th floor Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, Eisner & Lubin Theatre
Join MoMath's roboticist-in-residence, James McLurkin, for a series of talks and demos throughout the day at the World Science Festival.  Featured talks will take place at noon and at 2:30 pm; demos will occur throughout the day, at 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm.  Program made possible through the generous support of the Siegel Family Endowment.
Note: this event does not take place at MoMath.

Math EncountersChange of Perspective: How Math Helps Us See the World Differently
Wednesday, June 4, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm
Being able to look at something in more than one way is crucial throughout all of mathematics, but this fact is often overlooked. Learn to view the world differently with mathematician Michael Orrison, who will demonstrate how mathematics can easily be used to teach us about the powerful effect a change of perspective can have on our everyday lives. For further information and to register, visit mathencounters.org.

Taste of Math:  the math of wine, cheese, and chocolate
Wednesday, June 11, 7:30 pm
See how good math can taste! Join us for a very special event in support of MoMath's vital mission:  explore the math of wine, cheese, and chocolate firsthand.  Author Jeff Potter (Cooking with Geeks) and MIT behavioral economist Coco Krumme will guide us through a unique and tasty adventure, celebrating math with fine wine, good cheese, and of course, chocolate.  In the MoMath tradition, this event encourages individual participation — all attendees will have a chance to partake in the sampling.  For more information and to register, visit tasteofmath.momath.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable:  ”How Not to Be Wrong” [ages 12 and up]
Friday, June 13, 6:30 pm
From 2005 to 2011, a team of MIT students won $3.5 million from the Massachusetts Lottery by exploiting a quirk in the rules. Join Jordan Ellenberg, a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as he explains how they did it, how you could have done it too, and what it all has to do with expected value, information theory, and projective geometry. Ellenberg has written on mathematical topics for Slate, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications, and has lectured around the world on his research in number theory. His new book, How Not To Be Wrong, from which the lottery story is taken, explores some of the many ways math appears in everyday life: math is one of the fundamental ways of making sense of the world. It's an atomic-powered prosthesis you attach to your common sense, vastly multiplying its reach and strength. This presentation is free to attendees, as part of Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds campaign. For more information and to register, visit familyfridays.momath.org.

Composite Chat featuring John Conway and Ryan and Trevor Oakes
Tuesday, June 17, 7:00 pm
Don't miss this chance to peer more closely at the intersection between the worlds of math and art.  Join Princeton mathematicians John Conway and Joseph J. Kohn and featured artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes as they share the story of how these two young artists stumbled into the world of mathematics, and the surprising connections that they revealed.  Details and registration at oakeschatjune.momath.org.

Unbounded: An Evening at MoMath
Wednesday, June 18, 7:00 pm

MoMath is pleased to announce the return of its popular adult-only evening! Come enjoy a drink, interact with more than 30 engaging and intriguing exhibits, and meet other members of New York's math-chic community. 21+ (ID required). Free drink with admission; food available from Bite Size Kitchen, Potpuri, and Alchemy Creamery, and featuring beer from Sixpoint Brewery.  Details and registration at unbounded.momath.org.

Math Encounters
Wednesday, July 2, 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm
Step into the world of 3D printing with mathematician Laura Taalman, as she demonstrates how modern technology can be used to turn abstract mathematical concepts into physical realities.  Whether being used to explore and investigate new math ideas or simply to create beauty, 3D printing breathes life into mathematics.  A 3D print demo will accompany this talk, and everyone will go home with a 3D printed mathematical model!  See mathencounters.org.

Family Fridays at MoMath presented by Time Warner Cable:  "Curb Summer Learning Loss with Chocolate"
Friday, July 11, 6:30 pm
Come take a bite out of summer learning loss and engage in chocolate-y math! Join Professor Tim Chartier, author of Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing as he helps us make a mosaic, estimate the value of pi, and even easily perform some calculus. All you need is a handful of M&M's and some tips that get you mathematically ready for MOre MATH in this summer! This presentation is free to attendees, as part of Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds campaign. For more information and to register, visit familyfridays.momath.org.

Summer Swarm
Tuesday, July 15, 6:30 pm
The robots are coming!  Meet MoMath's roboticist-in-residence James McLurkin, enjoy a captivating robot demonstration, and get a sneak peek at MoMath's upcoming and groundbreaking new exhibit, Robot Swarm, coming this winter.  Brought to you through the generous support of the Siegel Family Endowment.  Register at swarm.momath.org.

PolyPals:  Bring your toddlers and preschoolers to MoMath for afternoon fun!
Tuesday afternoons (Ages 2-4)
PolyPals, MoMath's program for pre-K children, has taken off in 2014.  Meeting every Tuesday, PolyPals offers our littlest potential mathematicians the opportunity to listen to math-themed stories and have fun exploring the concepts behind them.  Led by MoMath's skilled educational staff, toddlers and pre-schoolers participate in songs, stories, and activities tied to a different theme each week.  Patterns, shapes, numbers, and more—PolyPals is a great way to enrich your child's day with mathematical inspiration. Polypals may be purchased as individual meetings or in blocks of four at a discount. For further information and to register, visit polypals.momath.org.


Expansions:  MoMath’s new program to engage and challenge NYC’s brightest math students
Every Tuesday afternoon (HS students)
Every Thursday afternoon (K-8, separated by level)

2014 brought the launch of MoMath's after-school gifted program, Expansions.  Featuring programs for all mathematically gifted students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade, the Expansions workshops are designed and delivered by MoMath's educational team to challenge and inspire students, and broaden their mathematical horizons. With topics ranging from fractals to cellular automata, these afternoon sessions provide an opportunity for participants to learn advanced and fascinating topics not included in the standard K-12 curriculum.  Plus, your child can benefit from enjoying math together with small groups of talented and focused young scholars.

Expansions offers sessions at five levels, which are differentiated by mathematical experience rather than age; entry is by application only. Expansions may be purchased as individual sessions or in blocks of four at a discount. For more information and to apply, visit expansions.momath.org.


Transformations Summer Camp
Register now for sessions starting July 7

MoMath is gearing up for a great summer with an exciting day camp! Fourth through eighth graders are invited to experience the richness of mathematics at MoMath, where the exhibits will be augmented with hands-on education sessions, and programs in art, music, and dance. Some scholarships available.  For further information and to register, visit transformations.momath.org.


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We need your help!

Interested in volunteering on the Museum floor? If you have a love of math, would like to help others enjoy MoMath's interactive suite of exhibits, and are willing to devote two 4-hour shifts each month, please send an email to integrator@momath.org with the subject line "MoMath integrator." Please include a cover letter, current resumé, and a newly-written essay that, in approximately 150 to 300 words, describes an experience that shaped your love of mathematics.

We hope to see you at MoMath!


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