Upcoming Special Events at MoMath!

Dear MoMath friend:

The Museum of Mathematics is pleased to announce the first installation of Math Encounters that will be presented within the Museum (March 6); a series of exciting Pi Day events (March 14); and two special Family Friday workshops for parents and children (March 15 and April 26).  Admission to presentations and workshops is limited, so register soon for these not-to-be missed special events.


Math Encounters:  Math in the Movies

Wednesday, March 6, 4 pm

Join us at 4 pm on March 6 as Tony DeRose, Senior Scientist and lead of the Research Group at Pixar Animation Studios, uses examples from Pixar’s feature films to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the role math plays in the current digital revolution in filmmaking.  Cinephiles and novice filmmakers will delight as DeRose discusses the advances that make modern movie miracles possible, including advances in areas such as computer technology, computational physics, geometry, and approximation theory. For further information and to register, visit mathencounters.org.  Note that the 7 pm session is full.


Pi Day at MoMath

Thursday, March 14, throughout the day

The National Museum of Mathematics will be celebrating Pi Day (March 14) with three special events!

First, school groups in grades 5 through 7 are invited to attend a presentation with a special guest, Luke Anderson. Mr. Anderson is the founder of the popular website TeachPi.org, and has engaged with students of all ages at Pi Day events around the country. His 45-minute presentation will lead 5th through 7th grade students through the storied history and mystery of the number, and entertain them with feats of memory and other surprises. There will be a fee for a group to attend this event, and group size is limited to 27 students and 3 chaperones. There will be two presentations: one at 10:15 am and the second at 11:15 am, and we can only accommodate four groups in each session, so eight groups in total.  Please reply to education@momath.org if your school is interested in taking one of these spots.

Second, kids ages 11 and up are invited to join MoMath in an after-school pi-themed scavenger hunt through its Math Midway 2 Go (MM2GO) exhibition, including an educator-led activity highlighting the surprising appearances of pi in MM2GO. The event will take place in two sessions, from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm and again from 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm. Visit PiDay.momath.org for more information; note that there will be a fee to attend this program.

Third, teachers are invited to attend the Math Midway 2 Go Teacher Preview.  Join us any time from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm to discover how you can bring the MM2GO experience to your school. MoMath staff will be on hand to discuss linking the exhibits to the K-12 math curriculum and the Common Core State Standards.  If your school completes a booking within one week following the preview event, you will receive a discount of $100 toward an educator session at your school.  The preview will take place in MoMath's Composite Gallery at 6 E 27 Street, and does not include admission to the Museum. Space is limited, so please register at MM2GOpreview.momath.org.  For more information about MM2GO, please visit http://mathmidway.org/mm2go/


Family Fridays:  Can You KenKen?

Friday, March 15, 7 pm

Join John Chaneski, veteran puzzle constructor, father of two, and on-air puzzle guru for NPR's newest game show “Ask Me Another,” as he presents “Can You KenKen?” a family-friendly exploration of number puzzles.  Chaneski will begin with a gentle introduction to KenKen: all that's needed is simple mathematics and a pencil!  This workshop is perfect for kids and adults, ages 8 and up—no KenKen experience required.  Every participant will come away with useful problem-solving skills and a boost of self-confidence.  For further information and to register, visit familyfridaymarch.momath.org.

Special thanks to Nextoy for their collaboration on this event.


Family Fridays:  Crackers, Oranges, and Pringles

Friday, April 26, 7 pm

Meet Dr. Daina Taimina, Cornell professor, mathematical artist, author, and mother of two, when she presents “Crackers, Oranges, and Pringles,” a creative, hands-on exploration of surfaces with different curvature.  Dr. Taimina, known for creating “hyperbolic crochet,” will start by transforming flat sheets of paper into surfaces with different curvature and then exploring what happens on those surfaces. For those familiar with two basic crochet stitches – chain and single crochet – she will go on to demonstrate how to crochet various hyperbolic surfaces.  No experience is required, and adults and children ages 7 and up are welcome.  For further information and to register, visit familyfridayapril.momath.org.


We look forward to welcoming you to these exciting events!


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