Design A Cool Math T-Shirt for The Museum of Mathematics Shop!

Love math? Here’s your chance to prove it. Come up with an innovative math slogan and/or design, and your work could appear on a line of math t-shirts sold at the Museum of Mathematics! Create a fun math saying like, “Math helps you figure it out,” or “Sweetie π” and you could become a part of math history!

You can enter the contest on Twitter or Facebook:

Enter your creative math saying (or a link to your design) on Twitter using the hashtag text
. Then become a follower of @momath1 so we can send you a direct message if you’ve won.

Go to our Facebook page and enter your original slogan and/or design on our wall under the “Design A Cool Math T-Shirt” post.

MoMath Intricate Pi T-Shirt

Good luck, and remember, Math is Fun!