Varsity Math Archive


Welcome to Varsity Math, the weekly math puzzle column by the National Museum of Mathematics featured each weekend in the Wall Street Journal. For your convenience, here is the entire collection of Varsity Math puzzles to date.

Week 80: Secret Remainder & Party Puzzle, solutions to Wing Nuts & Seven Eleven

Week 79: Wing Nuts & Seven Eleven, solutions to Polychromatic Pigs & Guest Gifts

Week 78: Polychromatic Pigs & Guest Gifts, solutions to Trial Squares & Four of Six

Week 77: Trial Squares & Four of Six, solutions to Unleash Your Inner Rectangle & Pent-up-gon

Week 76: Unleash Your Inner Rectangle & Pent-up-gon, solutions to Some Difference & In Your Prime

Week 75: Some Difference & In Your Prime, solutions to Frequent Figures & Doubled Digit

Week 74: Frequent Figures & Doubled Digit, solutions to Small Sudoku & Puny Pegs

Week 73: Small Sudoku & Puny Pegs, solutions to The Second Bisection & The Third Circle

Week 72: The Second Bisection & The Third Circle, solutions to Eye Like It & Pythagorean Poster

Week 71: Eye Like It & Pythagorean Poster, solutions to In The Groove & On The Path

Week 70: In The Groove & On The Path, solutions to Not Dozens & Festive Factorial

Week 69: Not Dozens & Festive Factorial, solutions to Snug Circle & Congruence Time

Week 68: Snug Circle & Congruence Time, solutions to Card 61 & Card T

Week 67: Card 61 & Card T, solutions to Long Haul & Postal Pathways

Week 66: Long Haul & Postal Pathways, solutions to Card 129 & Card 94

Week 65: Card 129 & Card 94, solutions to Skimpy Schedule & Passing Pennies

Week 64: Skimpy Schedule & Passing Pennies, solutions to Seating Arrangement & Stuck on Fairness

Week 63: Seating Arrangement & Stuck on Fairness, solutions to Grid Adjustment & Way Outside the Box

Week 62: Grid Adjustment & Way Outside the Box, solutions to Further Fairness & Double-Crossed Training

Week 61: Further Fairness & Double-Crossed Training, solutions to Edible Division & Counting Cars

Week 60: Counting Cars & Edible Division, solutions to Win-Win Move & Square of Harmony

Week 59: Win-Win Move & Square of Harmony, solutions to Nearly Invincible & Extremely Equal

Week 58: Nearly Invincible & Extremely Equal, solutions to Three Circles, One Distance & Circle Stack

Week 57: Circle Stack & Three Circles, One Distance, solutions to Equitable Area & Angular Equity

Week 56: Equitable Area & Angular Equity, solutions to Diagonalization & Regionalization

Week 55: Diagonalization & Regionalization, solutions to Watch for Falling Nuts & Fall Out of Line

Week 54: Watch for Falling Nuts & Fall Out of Line, solutions to Hexadiagonal & Hexintersection

Week 53: Hexadiagonal & Hexintersection, solutions to Mean Triangle & As Easy as 4132

Week 52: Mean Triangle & As Easy as 4132, solutions to Rhombarium & Well Trained

Week 51: Rhombarium & Well Trained, solutions to Olympic Unity & Try Jump

Week 50: Olympic Unity & Try Jump, solutions to Three-Pan Alley & Urn More Respect

Week 49: Three-Pan Alley & Urn More Respect, solutions to Circular Triangle & Spherical Cube

Week 48: Circular Triangle & Spherical Cube, solutions to How Many & How Old

Week 47: How Many & How Old, solutions to Deck a Tile & Try a Section

Week 46: Deck a Tile & Try a Section, solutions to Boat Row & Meandering Mate

Week 45: Boat Row & Meandering Mate, solutions to Guarding Variety & As the Day is Wrong

Week 44: Guarding Variety & As the Day is Wrong, solutions to Relation Riddle & Relay 12: Fractured Fruit, Triangulating the Difference, & Crusty Conundrum

Week 43: Relation Riddle & Crusty Conundrum, solution to The Old Coin Game

Week 42: Triangulating the Difference & The Old Coin Game, solution to A Day Late and A Fence Short

Week 41: Fractured Fruit & A Day Late and A Fence Short, solutions to Relay 11: Duplicate Division, Stamp Stumper, Awkward Positions, & Sine of Success

Week 40: Awkward Positions & Sine of Success, solution to Spiral Notebook

Week 39: Stamp Stumper & Spiral Notebook, solution to Phenomenal Packing

Week 38: Phenomenal Packing & Duplicate Division, solutions to Relay 10: Hat Trick, Possible Parabolas, Equal Laterals, & Isocircules

Week 37: Equal Laterals & Isocircules, solution Circle Crossing

Week 36: Possible Parabolas & Circle Crossing, solution to Heart Trick

Week 35: Hat Trick & Heart Trick, solutions to Relay 9: Test Test, Simultaneous Remainders, Different Dice, & No-Dispute Knights

Week 34: Different Dice & No-Dispute Knights, solution to Subtle Sequences

Week 33: Simultaneous Remainders & Subtle Sequences, solution to Late Show

Week 32: Test Test & Late Show, solutions to Talking Midpoints and Relay 8: Split Vote, Dream Sequence, & Alien Arithmetic

Week 31: Alien Arithmetic & Dream Sequence, solution to Treasure Trek

Week 30: Split Vote & Treasure Trek, solution to Patriotic Packing

Week 29: Patriotic Packing & Talking Midpoints, solutions to Closing Times and Relay 7: Inscribed Square, Gothic Arc, & Midpoint Well Taken

Week 28: Closing Times & Midpoint Well Taken, solution to Fancy Dice
Week 27: Fancy Dice & Gothic Arc, solution to HIJKMNOP
Week 26: HIJKMNOP & Inscribed Square, solution to Time to Burn & Durable Digits
Week 25: Time to Burn & Durable Digits, solution to Noticing Numbers I & Noticing Numbers II
Week 24: Noticing Numbers I & Noticing Numbers II, solution to Football History & Hail Math-y

Week 23: Football History & Hail Math-y, solutions to Math Star and Relay 6: Tree-angle, Spiral Fleeing, & Heptapiped

Week 22: Heptapiped & Math Star, solution to Rational Water
Week 21: Spiral Fleeing & Rational Water, solution to Plead Insanity

Week 20: Plead Insanity & Tree-Angle, solutions to Cubic Conundrum and Relay 5: Staircase Surface, Word Block, & Marble Jam

Week 19: Marble Jam & Cubic Conundrum, solution to Double Veracity
Week 18: Word Block & Double Veracity, solution to Beaver Bash

Week 17: Beaver Bash & Staircase Surface, solutions to Gonzi Scheme and Relay 4: Champion Countdown, Boxes not Urns, & New Year-amid

Week 16: Gonzi Scheme & New Year-amid, solution to Boxes Nest
Week 15: Boxes not Urns & Boxes Nest, solution to Crooked Clock

Week 14: Champion Countdown & Crooked Clock, solutions to Great Lengths and Relay 3: Tee Party, Slingshot Grid, & Try Angles

Week 13: Try Angles & Great Lengths, solution to Daunting Doorways
Week 12: Daunting Doorways & Slingshot Grid, solution to Design Data

Week 11: Tee Party & Design Data, solutions to Mile-High Stretch and Relay 2: Cross Training, Windows on the World, Geometric Addition, & Self-Sequential Reference

Week 10: Mile High Stretch & Self-Sequential Reference, solutions to Minipixel & Stick Tac Toe
Week 9: Minipixel & Stick Tac Toe, solution to Triple Jeopardy

Week 8: Triple Jeopardy & Geometric Addition, solution to Hex Truss
Week 7: Hex Truss & Windows on the World, solutions to Sesquicycle & Carambola Bonus Problem

Week 6: Cross Training & Sesquicycle, solutions to Laborious Lockup and Relay 1: Urn Respect, Carambola Orchard, Rush Job, Unsustainable Architecture, & Prime Event

Week 5: Laborious Lockup & Prime Event, solution to Save the Camel
Week 4: Unsustainable Agriculture & Save the Camel, solution to Deranged Assistant
Week 3: Deranged Assistant & Rush Job, solution to Farm Roundup
Week 2: Carambola Orchard & Farm Roundup, solution to Instant Interrogation
Week 1: Instant Interrogation & Urn Respect

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