Did you miss out on MoMath’s Cross Product 3D printing workshops?  Now’s your second chance.  Register for the Cross Product interest list and specify which workshop you’d like to attend.  New sessions will open as registered interest grows.

Register for the interest list here.

Cross Product: Introduction to 3D Printing
Learn how a filament-based 3D printer works and how to design and print basic models using interactive 3D modeling software, and watch the 3D printing process as it happens. Each participant will design a mathematical gyro during the workshop that will be 3D printed to take home later.

Cross Product: High Resolution
Enjoy a hands-on experience with resin-based 3D printers, which use lasers to turn liquid resin into 3D-printed objects — more intricate, detailed models objects than would be possible with other desktop 3D-printing technology. Participants will design a unique trigonometric sphere and follow it through each stage of the 3D-printing process.

Cross Product: Trig Bracelets
Use trigonometric functions to design and customize a bracelet based on the math of ruled surfaces, and then make it into reality by printing it on MoMath’s 3D printers. Don’t worry if your trigonometry skills are rusty; this workshop is accessible to a wide range of mathematical backgrounds. No prior experience with 3D printing is required.